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Although ophthalmic medicine is progressing day by day, there are still some diseases neither treatment nor prevention methods has not been established yet. Ophthalmologists including me cannot do anything with such disease but just watching the patient go blind.
As an ophthalmologist, I am struggling about the current limitation in ophthalmology and trying to overcome this problem.

There are more than 300,000 visually impaired patients in Japan, and the social cost is estimated to be more than 8 trillion yen, most of which are due to intractable diseases for which prevention nor treatment method has not yet been established.
Please close your eyes. Can you imagine what the patients feel like losing their sight? It is said that vision occupies 80% of information that people obtain from the outside. Their quality of life will suffer considerably with blindness.

In order to overcome these blindness diseases, we have established Restore Vision from Keio University School of Medicine to develop treatments for these intractable eye diseases using the latest technology.
We will do our best for a bright future.