Visual Restoration Gene Therapy for IRD Patients

Inherited retinal disease ("IRD") are a series of diseases caused by genetic mutations that result in progressive impairment of retinal function. It is the leading cause of blindness in developed countries. Even now there is no effective prophylactic or therapeutic method for this disease, and the development of an urgent treatment method is desired. We are challenging this problem with our visual restoration gene therapy technology.


By collaborating with academia in Japan, we develop gene therapy drug with chimeric rhodopsin

In collaboration with the Keio University School of Medicine, we have a promising product with high sensitivity enabling patients to see even under low light conditions.


RV-001:Visual restoration gene therapy for retinitis pigmentosa

RV‑001 is a gene therapy product using AAV (adeno-associated virus) vectors with the unique function gene coding ‘Chimeric Rhodopsin’ which is a protein-based optical sensor. It is a treatment that can restore vision in patients blinded by photoreceptor loss. We take a simple and minimally invasive approach, intravitreal injection, to deliver our therapeutic gene that will express chimeric rhodopsins in the remaining interneurons, enabling the patient to see again. Currently, Restore Vision is moving this program forward to pre-clinical development including formulations, to take it to clinical trials as soon as we can, as the world’s first vision restoration gene therapy, so patients can see the long awaited light at the end of their tunnel.